Leah Eash is an artist inspired elegance. Born in Los Angeles to two fashion illustrators, Leah was a model from the beginning and ended up being raised in the wings of The Art Institute of Chicago. She now resides in Northwest Montana with her cowboy and two children.

Drawing has always been a part of her life and her perspective and handling of the medium has evolved over the years. She holds a BA in Education & Art from ONU and is currently pursuing the importance of art education and art therapy for youth through a community outreach program.

Refining her vision as an artist has led Leah to approach her pieces thoughtfully and purposefully by creating one of a kind originals that define her view yet are approachable by many. Elegance, whether in nature or exuded by an individual, is the basis of her work. Leah is affected by unfinished art and imperfections within pieces that show the process of development. Mixed media with illusions in the lines allows the human eye and mind to see more then what is on the paper and this is what excites and continues to move her. 

Select pieces available beginning June 7th at MudMan Gallery - 

217 Central Ave, Whitefish, MT, USA

International clients, private and public, include -


Crystal Lewis

Izzi Ray

Marianne Wiest 

Blue Water Salon